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122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站New Media Research Center

New Media Research Heart


Director: Li Ran

Member: Liang Yanqing, Gong Yiyu, Qin Ying

Introduction to the Research Center  

   122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站New Media Research Center promotes the practical teaching of undergraduate students, Creative team creating new media practice。 Strengthen the comprehensive editing of new media、 Specific content of practical operation, Carrying out practical teaching reform。 Carrying out practical teaching reform, Construction of teaching materials for practical teaching at the same time, Standardized Practice Teaching, Fight for creating iconic practical teaching results。 Creative practice through the New Media Research Center, Forms a creative teacher team, Combined with practical teaching, Cultivate the student team created by new media, creating the creation team that combines teachers and students。

   The New Media Research Center is based on creating a creative team and a scientific research team, Integrated teacher and student resources, Focus on improving new media creative capabilities, Gradually form a base for creative industrialization。 Based on this, it can realize universities and the government、 Enterprise Union, Really go global, Open school。 Implementing brand -oriented strategy, Insession with the market, Forms market competitiveness, Exploring colleges and universities to open schools、 New path of practical teaching。 At present, the New Media Research Center is forming a team, Including a professional teacher team and a student team for new stu122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站dents。 The professional teacher team mainly guides students to participate in the "Internet+" contest、 "Daduang"、 SRT and other scientific research events; Da Guang competition、 College Award and other discipline competitions; cooperate with the school units, Enhance the influence of new professionalism; docking with social needs, Perform actual combat project operation。