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Application Language Research Center

Investigation and study of language and study

Director: Han Ziyu

Member: Wen Xiuying、张培、 Li Fengjie、 Liu Tingting、 Zheng Yichang、 Zhang Jiandong, Zhang Xinxin, Liu Songqi, Zhang Yan, Qiu Weiping

Introduction to the Research Center

Tianjin University of Finance and Economics "Applic122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站ation Linguistics Research Center" is established by Tianjin University of Humanities at the School of Humanities of Tianjin、 Scientific research organizations established for the purpose of advancing academic innovation and academic exchanges in the field of application linguistics and related disciplines。 The research field mainly includes language economics、 Two languages ​​and foreign language teaching research、 Translation theory and practice、 Teaching Material Development、 Area and State Study of the country。 Members of the 122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站Center with a professor in the research field of our hospital、 Associate Professor and Ph.D. as the main body, At the same time, actively attract scholars inside and outside the school to participate in the formation of academic community, In -depth promotion of communication and interaction between different research directions of foreign language disciplines, To broaden research threshold, Promote the output of high -level academic achievements。同时, 122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站Center upholds "learning、审问、慎思、明辨、 Du Xing "concept Exploring and developing various forms of social services, Further increase the social influence of our hospital。

The purpose of the center, The first is to create a positive academic atmosphere。 Center integrates the backbone force of various research fields of the School of Humanities, Established multiple research teams to gradually improve the academic atmosphere of the hospital by using points、 Steady improvement of the academic consciousness and teaching and research activities of teachers in various departments to participate in enthusiasm, Create academic exchanges for teachers in our college and build a good platform for the quality of graduate training。 The second is to promote the application of high -level research topics and the output of high -quality academic achievements。 The wisdom and strength of the center exchange team, Research interests and demand for job title application for central researchers, Joint cooperation to apply for all kinds of topics at all levels, Discuss academic issues, Invincible academic thought, Cultivate academic echelon, and through invitation to review experts and successfully declared teachers to share experiences、 Answers and other academic activities, Improve the results of the college's project application and the output of the iconic results, Help the titles of the teachers of our college optimization and improvement、 Promoting the successful application rate of high -level research projects and the smooth output of high -quality 122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站academic achievements。

Members of the Research Team of the Center include, but not limited to teachers from the Department of Humanities, At the same time, in order to enhance the professionalism of research and expand the influence, it encourages attracting the departments of the brothers of Tianjin University of Finance and Economics and other college teachers or research institutions.。 Each teacher can only serve as the person in charge of one team and as a member of the two teams。 The research team currently being cultivated includes:


Team leader: Liu Tingting

Team member: Han Bing、田丽、 Qu Meiru、骆媛、 Gong Yiyu (Department of News and Culture Communication)、 Fenglizhou (Department of Data Engineering School of Statistics)

2. Foreign language teaching research team

Team leader: Han Ziyu

Team member: Bao Jie, Cheng Mingyu, Ma Xiaosen , Liu Hao (122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站Tianjin University of Science and Technology), Xu Chengping (Department of English, Tianjin Normal University), Zhang Chen (English Department of Nankai University)

3. Translation research team

Team leader: Zheng Yichang

Team members (tentatively): Gu Wei,杨建, Li Xinya, Shu Yuntong, On Lulu, Ma Xiaosen, On Lulu。

4. Foreign language textbook development and teaching r122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站esearch team

Team leader: Qiu Weiping

Team member: Wei Ying、 Li Junyu、 Mao Runqing、 Wang Tianrui、黄梅、 Zhang Mengjia

5. British and American literature and cultural resear122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站ch team

Team leader: Liu Songqi

Team member: Su Jinglong   Shu Yuntong   Qu Meiru   Shen Rainbow   Liu Lixiu

Center sincerely welcome more 122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站participating participating centers to declare and research teams!