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Japanese major

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122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站 Knowing professional

This major is an undergraduate major under the "foreign language literature" of Tianjin key discipline, Established in 2002, So far, it has developed into 13 professional teachers, Age Structure、 Title structure、 Teaching team with a more reasonable str122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站ucture structure。 The students of this major mainly learn Japanese language、 Basic theory and basic knowledge of Japanese literature, certain professional knowledge related to accounting; accept basic training in Japanese language, Master Japanese listening、说、读、写、 Basic skills of translation and accounting。

122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站Cultivate target

This major has a firm ideal and belief、 Good moral sentiment、 Strong sense of social responsibility、 Rich local feelings and broad international vision, Humanities and scientific literacy, Master Japanese language、 Basic theory of Japanese literature and rich Japanese l122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站anguage、 Literature, certain financial knowledge expertise, Compound talents with strong Japanese practical application ability and cross -cultural communication ability。

School -run features

While cultivating the actual application ability of Japanese, Emphasize the mastering of professional knowledge such as 122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站accounting and the cultivation of business capabilities, Make full use of the resource advantages formed by the long -term development of the relevant discipline of our school's financial meeting, Highlighting accounting Japanese characteristics。 One of the achievements is: in the 2019 "Bookstake Co122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站ntest" China Contest hosted by the National Accounting Education Association in Japan, Our team's team won the team runner -up。 Japanese majors 2016 student Liu Qingli won personal runner -up, and as a special representative of Chinese college students, Go to Japan to participate in the 2019 "Nation122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站al Bookstake Contest"; Teacher Ren Yating won the excellent instructor award at the same time。

Main courses

The special courses of this major are: Accounting Japanese、 Japanese business etiquette、 Cross -cultural communication、 Japanese speech and debate。

International Exchange

The University of Domoto, 122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站the University of Japan、 Lize University and other universities have established long -term cooperative relationships, Senior students have the opportunity to go to Japan to exchange abroad; build an overseas internship base in Okinawa, Japan, Selected student internships during the holidays。 Dur122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站ing the epidemic, Select students every semester to carry out online language and cultural exchange activities with students of Lizawa University in Japan, A designed to improve the actual application level of students in students, Cultivate students' cross -cultural communication ability。

Graduate future development di122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站rection

Except for graduate students at home and abroad, The employment direction of the graduates of this major also includes multinational companies and Japanese -funded enterprises, Use Japanese to engage in translation、 Japanese accounting and other jobs。 During the period of school, 122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站I passed the "Qualification Qualification of Book Reprints" of the National Accounting Education Association, Recommend Japanese local job。