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Business English major (nation122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站al first -class undergraduate major)

Professional Brief Jie


Knowing professional

Business English major is a na122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站tional first -class professional construction point。 This major is an undergraduate specialty under the "foreign language and literature" in Tianjin's key discipline, Previous is an English major in foreign economy and trade, It is the earliest specialty in domestic universities to use discipline advantages, There have been more 122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站than 20 years of construction history, It is one of the important ways for our school to cultivate "English+Finance" innovative foreign language talents。 2021 and 2022 for two consecutive years, this major was rated as A, The top 12%nationwide。 This major has won a number of national and Tianjin -level rewards and 122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站support projects in the past five years, Including: the first batch of national first -class professional construction points (2019)、 The Tenth National College Foreign Language Teaching Competition National Second Prize (2019)、 Eighth Higher Education Tianjin Teaching Achievement Award (2018)、 The 122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站Ministry of Education and Research Cooperative Education Project (2020)、 Tianjin -level first -class courses (2021), etc.; Teachers in this major published papers in the international top foreign language journals (2022); students in this major have won the National Award of the "UCHALLEENGE College English Challenge" in rece122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站nt years, Including the first prize of the National Finals of the National English Writing Contest (2015) and the second prize (2013), and the first prize of the National Finals of the National English Reading Contest (2020); students in this major have also won many times of innovation and entrepreneurial competition awards, In122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站cluding: "Internet+College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition" Tianjin City Award (2021)、 "Tianjin University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition" (2021)、 "Tianjin University Student Cultural and Creative Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition" (2021)、 "'Challen122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站ge Cup' College Student Extraordinary Academic Science and Technology Works Competition" Tianjin Second Prize (2018、 2021)、 National "China Youth Volunteer Service" project establishment project (2021), etc.。

Cultivate target

This major has a firm ideal belief、 Good moral sentiment、 Strong sense of social responsib122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站ility、 Strong Chinese feelings and broad international vision professional。 Teaching through solid English basic skills training and comprehensive system of business English knowledge, Cultivation with skilled language use ability, Master the basic knowledge of economic and management related, With 122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站outstanding business English practical ability and sustainable learning ability, Have critical thinking and innovative consciousness, Can effectively meet the needs of national and local economic and social development, Can grow into accounting in government departments and enterprises and instituti122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站ons、金融、经贸、 Innovative type of communication、 Draw tip talents。

School -run features

Relying on the long -term resource advantage for the long -term development of economic and management related disciplines of our school, Highlight English language ability and finance、会计、管理、 Combination of professional knowledge such as tr122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站ade, The characteristics of running a business English major that highlights the advantages of Tiancai and the characteristics of school -based。

Main courses

Professional courses include: Linguistics Introduction、 History of American Literature、 History of American Literature、 English speech and debate、 Soc122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站iety and Culture in British and American countries、 International Business Negotiations、 Cross -cultural business communication、 English Finance News、 Business translation (English and Han/Chinese)、 Business oral translation (English and Han/Chinese)、 Financial English、 Financial Market Studies (Bil122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站ingual)、 Accounting English、 Company Finance (English)、 Financial Analysis (English)、 International Economic Cooperation (English)、 International Finance (Bilingual)、 International Settlement (Bilingual)、 International Marketing (English)、 Cross -border e -commerce (English)、 International Trade Pra122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站ctice (English)、 International Trade Certificate (English)、 Adapted Studies、 History of Western civilization, etc.。

Interdisciplinary courses include: management principles、 Micro Economics、 Finance、 Financial Management、 Finance、 Finance, etc.。

International Exchange

Students of this major have th122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站e opportunity to participate in our school's visits to well -known universities in our university every year。并且, This major is still with the University of Herevat University in the UK、 Relevant colleges and universities of Parksmouth University have established long -term cooperative relationships, Provide students with a varie122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站ty of overseas learning programs。

Graduate future development direction

About 40%of graduates of this major obtain a graduate student of well -known universities at home and abroad every year, Employment direction includes: national organs、 Foreign -related enterprises and institutions、 Accounting Firm、 Transla122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站tion agency、 Education institutions and other units, You can bear finance、财务、 Business Management、 Business Translation、教师、 Economic and trade negotiations and other work。