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The Japanese Department of the School of Humanities held a l122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站ecture on Okinawa Culture
2023-12-20 09:43  

  122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站In order to further develop the international vision of students in Japanese majors, Stimulate learning interest,12 month15 Day, The Japanese Department of the School of Humanities is inL424 I held a lecture on Okinawa Culture。 The lecture 122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站was lectured by the Director of Miyagi of the Okinawa County Office in Beijing, The chief representative of the Japanese advertising agency in Beijing as the translation。 Vice Dean Professor Liu Tingting、 Teacher Zhang Yan in Japanese、 Teacher Ren Yating、 Japanese major undergraduates and a master's 122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站degree in Japanese language and literature50 Others attended the lecture。 The lecture was hosted by Mr. Zhang Yan。

  122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站The topic of the lecture on the director of Miyagi is“ Chongyeってこんなところ”( Okinawa is such a place)。 Lecture starts from the unique dialect and geographical characteristics of Okinaw122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站a, Introduce the history of Okinawa、 Economic and Culture。 Through lecture, Students have learned about the history of friendly communication with China since ancient times.、 The agriculture and tourism industry in Okinawa, 122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站as well as food、 Handicrafts、 Okinawa culture represented by 122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站traditional art and karate, A lot of gains。 The lecture is in the middle, Japanese teachers and students actively ask questions, The atmosphere at the scene is warm。 In addition, Teacher Bao Shuo also introduced the project to go to Okinawa for internship, Encourage students to actively participate122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站, further improves Japanese level through practice、 Enhance Japanese skills。 After the lecture is over, Professor Liu Tingting、 Teacher Zhang Yan、 Teacher Ren Yating and Director of Miyagi、 Teacher Bao Shuo conduct a cordial conversation, Continue to promote the School of Humanities and Okinawa County in Beijing A full communica122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站tion of the internship base project of the co-construction of the internship base, and laid a good foundation for follow-up work。

  Before lecture, The Dean of the School of Humanities, Professor Wen Xiuying, 122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站met with the director of Miyagi、 Teacher Bao Shuo, Express warm welcome to the Humanities 122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站Academy of Humanities, The two parties conducted in-depth communication on communication and cooperation。

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