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The S122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站chool of Humanities is held2023 Annual Summary Commendation and New Year Friendship Association
2024-01-18 11:32  

1 month12 Day afternoon, The School of Humanities is held2023 Annual Summary Commendation and New Year Friendship Association。 All faculty members of the college gathered together, Looking back at the past, Looking forward to the future。

Summary meeting, The main leaders of the college's party and government have comprehensive122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站ly summarized the leadership of the party in the past year、 Talent training、 Team Construction、 Teaching and Research、 Social Service、 International exchanges and cooperation in various aspects。2023 year, The party building of the college is solidly advanced, Carefully carry out learning and impleme122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站ntation of Xi Jinping's new era of socialist ideological theme education, Complete the re-election of party organizations at the two levels of the department、 Supplement of the branch committee and the training of the new party branch secretary, Continuously stimulate the new vitality of party organ122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站izations, Fully implement the fundamental task of Lide Shushu, Strive to lead high-quality development with high-quality party building; The Discipline Inspection Commission of the College Assists the Party Committee to promote the comprehensive and strict governance of the party、 Party style and cl122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站ean government construction and anti-corruption work; Disciplinary construction is steady and advanced, Complete the first-level discipline of foreign language and literature、 Translation Professional Master's Cyclical Qualification Evaluation Work and2023 Annual undergraduate education teaching rev122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站iew and evaluation work; New results for curriculum construction, Where, A course obtained Tianjin Excellent Course; Scientific research results to a new level, Publish monographs within the year2 Department, Publicly published papers13 Article, IncludingSSCI Thesis3 Article,CSSCI Thesis1 Article, P122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站eking University core journal thesis1 Articles, etc.; New progress in international exchanges,29 People apply for school-level international exchange project, Where14 Person-by famous schools to complete the visiting project; Teachers' Teaching and Education Capability and Quality are im122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站proved, Cumulative annual82 Number of people, Participate in total26 Field Domestic、 International Academic Conference; Award-winning of discipline competitions, National competition award13 People; Students' work is wonderful, Organization and organization of our school's Chinese and Western Cultur122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站al Festival Contest and other activities, Win2023 Nian Tianjin University University of Science and Technology Student Volunteer Summer“ Sanxiangxiang” Excellent practical teams such as social practice activities。

Summary meeting, According to the provisions of the public affairs system, Just2023 Annual 122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站college funding expenditure reported to all faculty and staff。

In the past year, All teachers and students of the college abide by innovation、 踔, Actively contribute wisdom and strength for the rapid and high-quality development of the schools and colleges。 At the commendation meeting, The leaders of t122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站he hospital read out2023 Annual School of Humanities and Students, advanced personal honors, awards and awards, Gift6 Comrade“ Teaching advanced individual”、8 Comrade“ Teaching skills Advanced individual”、 Gift3 Comrade“ Advanced individuals of research work”、9 Comrade“ Advanced individuals in guiding 122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站discipline competition”、2 Comrade“ Class instructor advanced individual”、3 Comrade“ Administrative work first Enter personal”、5 Comrade“ Advanced individual of party affairs” Honor Title, Express sincere thanks to the hard work of all teachers in the past year!

On the Association, Diverse pr122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站ogram forms、 Wonderful presence,《 Everything is like》 Song, Full of blessings and hope;《 beauty of Chinese》 Recitation, The happiness and wisdom brought by the beauty of Chinese;《 Dang》 Singing, Review2023 The wonderful moment of the year; Guitar singing and interactive performance is easy and happy122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站;《 Lonely Brave》、《 Proud laugh》 Song, Let everyone's face filled with a happy smile;《 The river of that day》 Four-handed bombs, It is intoxicating in the picturesque scenery;《 Tomorrow will be better》 Chorus, Push the atmosphere to orgasm。

2023 Annual Summary and Commendation and New Year Gala comme122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站nded advanced、 Establish a typical, Inspiring the teachers of the whole hospital to work hard、 Pioneering Innovation, It also provides teachers with display self、 Opportunities to improve communication, greatly improved the heart power and cohesion of the teacher, Play a solid foundation for the smo122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站oth development of the college's new year's work。

Looking back2023 year, We are forging ahead, Go to2024 year, Let's take advantage of the situation, Struggle to do something。 New year, The college will always keep in mind as the party、 An important mission of national education, Adhere to the direction of socialist sc122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站hool running, Fully implement the fundamental task of Lide Shushu, Adhering to“ Endlessness, Shangqinzhi, Ri Xin as the way, Economic Agents” The spirit of Tiancai, Remember“ Li Zhiqi Wing、 Wei Gong Wei Xin” Academy Lex, persistence“ Quality Standing Hospital、 Talent Xingyuan、 Academic Strong Academ122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站y” Concept of establishment of the hospital, Relying on the advantages of Tian Finance and Economics, depending on, Highlight business foreign language and news communication characteristics, Efforts to train conforming to the trend of the times, Serving the strategic needs of Tianjin and the national social an122cc太阳集成游戏官方网站d economic development, Compound foreign language talents and journalists。




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